La Maison de l’Europe de Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées and its Europe Direct Information centre informs the European citizens on their rights, the European Union in general as well as on big news and demonstrations which is part of the EU life.


In this title, it goes to the meeting of the citizens, by holding stands of information on big regional events where it broadcasts free brochures of information, publications of the European Commission and pedagogic documents (cards, chronological friezes, games for the children, etc. ) to the public.

These works are also available in its Europe Direct Information centre, located in the hall of the Hotel Saint – Jean, 32, street of Dalbade in Toulouse, opened to the public from Monday till Friday.


Its members can also order a large number of european publications for free, if available.


Moreover, la Maison de l’Europe de Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées can orientate specific requests of the citizens to the appropriate sources (organisms, persons, Internet sites) to allow them to act (realisation of their projects, to emphasise their rights, etc. ).

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